Supplies for Sanctuary

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Supplies for Sanctuary is the fourth quest in a Quest Chain, or a series of smaller quests, each of which must be completed in order to successfully complete the chain. This particular quest chain, when completed, allows a character to cast Spellweaving spells and rewards an Arcane Circle scroll, a Gift of Renewal scroll, and a Spellweaving Spellbook.

This quest is given by the following NPC in Sanctuary.


"With health and defense assured, we need to look to the need of the community for food and drink. We will feast on fish steaks, sweets, and wine. You will supply the ingredients, the cooks will prepare the meal. As a Arcanist relies upon others to build focus and lend their power to her workings, the community needs the effort of all to survive."


Quest Type Items Required Item Type Location
Obtain 1 Sack of Flour Anywhere
Obtain 10 Jar of Honey Anywhere
Obtain 20 Fish Steak Anywhere


The opportunity to learn the ways of the Arcanist.

Quest Chain

Quest Title Details Reward
Discipline (Part I) Slay 50 rat in Sanctuary Access to 2nd quest in chain
Needs of the Many - Sanctuary (Part II) Obtain 10 Bale of Cotton Access to 3rd quest in chain
Making a Contribution - Sanctuary (Part III) Obtain 250 boards Access to 4th quest in chain
Supplies for Sanctuary Obtain 1 sack of flour, 10 Jar of Honey, and 20 cooked Fish Steak Access to 5th quest in chain
The Human Blight Obtain 30 Severed Human Ears 1 Arcane Circle scroll, 1 Gift of Renewal scroll, and 1 Spellweaving Spellbook.

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