Virtuoso's Armor Set (Gargish)

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Virtuoso's Armor Set (Gargish).png

The Virtuoso's Armor Set (Gargish) is a 4-piece Item Set.

  • The parts of this set were acquired as rewards from the Clean Up Britannia 2011 event for 50,000 points per piece.
  • The parts of this set impart additional benefits when the entire set is equipped.
  • There is also a Human/Elf version of this set: Virtuoso's Armor Set

Total Stats


Virtuoso's earpieces.png Virtuoso's Earpieces Virtuoso's kilt.png Virtuoso's Kilt Virtuoso's necklace.png Virtuoso's Necklace
Virtuoso's armbands.png Virtuoso's Armbands

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