White Chocolate

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Chocolate white.jpg

White Chocolate was introduced to the UO universe on St. Valentine's Day 2008 and a great many yummy sounds were heard across the land. A piece of dark, milk, or white chocolate was included in a gift box that spawned on every character that was older than 30 days on February 14 and who logged on during the holiday season.


Skill required:
52.5 Cooking



Crafting the Cooking item White Chocolate
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
52.5 Cooking
Pitcher of milk.png 1 Pitcher of Milk
Cocoa butter.png 1 Cocoa Butter
Vanilla.png 1 Vanilla
Sack of sugar.png 1 Sack of Sugar
100.0 skill = 63.3%
Exceptional Chances
100.0 skill = 18.3%
Additional Notes
This item may hold it's Maker's Mark.

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