Grey Wolf

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Grey wolves serve as the generic type of wolves in Ultima Online.


Grey Wolf Statistics
Spawn Locations Forests
Fame Level 1 (450) Slayer Vulnerability Wolf
Karma Level 0 Alignment Neutral
First Seen Initial release of UO Pack Instinct Canine
Gold None Magic Items None
Special None Cut Up 6 Hides, 1 Raw Rib
Strength 56-80 Hit Points 34-48
Dexterity 56-75 Stamina 56-75
Intelligence 31-55 Mana 0
Barding Difficulty 30.2 Taming Difficulty 53.1
Base Damage 4-10 Preferred Foods Meat
Wrestling 45.1-60.0 Poisoning None
Tactics 45.1-60.0 Magery None
Resisting Spells 20.1-35.0 Evaluating Intelligence None
Anatomy 0.0 Meditation None
Special None
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 15-20 10-15 20-25 10-15 10-15
Damage 100%

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