Unofficially the eight Sins, or anti-Virtues, are derived from the three anti-Principles of Falsehood, Hatred and Cowardice. They are formed when the anti-Principles are combined with each other in different constellations.

Anti-Virtue Description Derived From Antithesis Alignment Symbol
Deceit The Deceitful soul uses logic and quick thinking to decieve others for personal gain. A seasoned swindler can profit considerably from his skill, and often has an extraordinary ability to avoid capture or discovery. Falsehood Honesty Order Insidious face behind jovial mask
Despise The Spiteful soul has often been severely emotionally scarred, leading to an intense hatred for all life, and an urge to exact vengeance upon anything breathing. They revel in the torment of others. Hatred Compassion Chaos Double-bladed axe
Dastard The Dastardly soul never dares to stand up for its beliefs, and it will not do anything that anyone may disagree with, out of fear for the consequences. When noone is around to see them, however, their true nature, whatever that may be, is revealed.

NOTE: in Britannia, this anti-Virtue is spelt and pronounced "destard".

Cowardice Valor Balance/Neutral Skull
Wrong The Wrongful never cares about right or wrong. If acting upon the orders of others, they will follow these orders blindly and stop at nothing to get the job done. If acting out their own interests, they will tend to pursue the greatest good for themselves or their closest allies with no regard for the consequences of others. Falsehood, Hatred Justice Balance/Neutral Unbalanced scales
Covetous The Covetous soul will never give up anything that belongs to it, no matter how desperate the call might be. It is driven by an intense urge for material profit and will sacrifice the interests of others to please this urge. Unlike Sacrifice, the Virtue which stands for self-Sacrifice, Covetous represents the sacrificing of others for personal gain. Hatred, Cowardice Sacrifice Chaos Gold coin
Shame The Shameful soul can never be trusted, for it will committ treason for personal gain. It will pretend to be a friend, but what it truly wants is information, profit, a strong ally or other personal gain. When its friendship is put to the test, it will abandon you. Falsehood, Cowardice Honor Order Broken shield
Hyloth The Hylotheistic soul does not believe in, nor care about the spirit. It believes that only matter exists and matters. For such a soul, there is no reason to ever pursue any higher ideal than personal gain, material security or sensual pleasure. The hylotheist often acts like a devout believer of its own religious school and may try to sway others to their belief. Hylotheism is closely related to and often leads to cynicism.

NOTE: "Hyloth" is short for "hylotheism" which denotes the belief that matter is God, but as interpreted in Britannia it carries a stronger negative meaning than the word "hylotheism".

Falsehood, Hatred, Cowardice Spirituality Balance/Neutral Rock
Pride The Proud soul considers itself to be superior to other living beings. It will disregard others' opinions, thinking that it, alone, is capable of valid reasoning. The symptoms of Pride include arrogance, intolerance and egocentricity. Pride exists independently of the three anti-Principles Humility Balance/Neutral Black sceptre

The anti-Virtues are all equally malevolent, and they rely upon each other to represent Evil.

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