Close Enough

Close Enough is the second quest in a Quest Chain, or a series of smaller quests, each of which must be completed in order to successfully complete the chain. This particular quest chain guides the player into the Labyrinth, the byzantine home of the legendary Minotaur.

This quest is given by the following NPC in Sanctuary.

Note: Canir the Thaumaturgist in Sanctuary gives the last two quests in this chain.


"Ah ha! You see here...and over here...The map fragment places the city of the bull-men, Labyrinth, on that piece of Sosaria that was thrown into the sky. Hmmm, I would have you go there and seek out these warriors to see if they might join our cause. But, legend speaks of a mighty barrier to prevent invasion of the city. Take this map to Canir and explain the problem. Perhaps she can devise a solution."


Quest Type Items Required Item Type Location
Deliver 1 Fragment of a Map Canir the Thaumaturgist in Sanctuary


Knowledge of the legendary minotaur. (Access to the third quest)

Quest Chain

Quest Title Details Reward
Warriors of the Gemkeeper (Part I) Obtain 1 Fragment of a Map Anywhere Access to Second Quest
Close Enough (Part II) Deliver 1 Fragment of a Map to Canir the Thaumaturgist in Sanctuary Access to Third Quest
Taking the Bull by the Horns (Part III) Obtain 20 Gaman Horns Anywhere Access to Fourth Quest
Emissary to the Minotaur (Part IV) Obtain 3 Minotaur Artifact Anywhere A Strongbox