Faction Consumables

  • September 25, 2014 Note: As of Publish 86 Factons has been removed from the game. It has been replaced by the Vice vs Virtue PVP system.

Starting with Publish 56, players can now use silver to purchase special consumable items (in addition to special Faction Artifacts). These items are only usable by Faction players. Inside each stronghold near the faction stone is a Cooperative Collection chest. Donate silver to it and collect the rewards. In the future, silver donated to the faction in this way will be beneficial to the faction.

  • Faction Stronghold Rune - 150 silver - On use, the faction member will be teleported directly to their stronghold faction stone, destroying the rune in the process. All normal flagging rules apply. A cool down between uses applies based on rank.
  • Shrine Gem - 100 silver - Upon death, the faction member will be offered to be teleported to a random shrine. If accepted, they are teleported and the gem is destroyed. The gem is blessed.
  • Supernova Potions - 100 silver - On use, creates a ring of fire around the player that inflicts fire damage to enemy targets within a 5 tile radius. The closer the enemy, the higher the damage will be. Damage is increased based on player’s Alchemy skill and Enhance Potions item property. There is a 2 minute cool down between uses.
  • Greater Stamina Potion - 50 silver per potion - On use, restores 100 stamina points over 5 seconds. The player cannot drink another such potion while one is already active.
  • Enchanted Bandages - 100 silver for 10 - Bandages that lift curses like Enchanted Apples do. Curses are removed regardless of healing skill or success of applying bandage. Standard application time rules apply.
  • Powder of Perseverance - 300 silver - On use, player can target a faction artifact reward to reset total durability on it. Each time the player uses a recharge on the item, the total durability will decrease (1st time 225/225, 2nd time 200/200, etc.). Faction artifacts can be recharged a maximum of 5 times.
  • Morph Earrings - 1,000 silver - While wearing your Human character can wear Elf Only armor and clothing. If the player removes the earrings, equipped Elf Only items will drop to the player’s backpack. If his backpack is full, the equipment will be sent to his bank box.