Gathering of Evidence

Gathering of Evidence is a quest given out by Xeninlor the Security Advisor who can be found inside the Royal Palace.

Note that this quest is for the Gargish versions of the rewards, see Gathering Proof for the Human version of the quest.

Quest Description

There seems to be unrest spreading among the refugees surrounding the Royal City. There are rumors of gargoyles willingly leaving their encampments and disappearing into the abyss. Through our own investigations, we have learned that there are militant gargoyle camps in the abyss where their magically gifted members are tapping into a new source of magic. We suspect they are tapping the void energies and require you to obtain proof so that we can prepare a plan of action to deal with any threat they may pose. Bring back all of the following; Void Crystal of Corrupted Arcane Essence, Void Crystal of Corrupted Spiritual Essence, and a Void Crystal of Corrupted Mystical Essence.

-Xeninlor the Security Advisor

Quest Objective

  • Obtain a void infused essence from each of the gargoyle encampments in the abyss.

Quest Lore

  • There are three gargoyle encampments inside the Stygian Abyss Dungeon, each of which are occupied with several Gargish Outcasts and a single Gargish Rouser. You need to attack to the Gargish Rousers in order to reveal the Void Manifestation of that camp. The three camps are:

Arcane Encampment

Spiritual Encampment

Mystical Encampment


Well Done! This is just what we needed. We can ill afford these separatist encampments upsetting the delicate balance with the void consuming our world.

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