Magincia Plot Guidelines

To raise funds for the reconstruction and restoration of New Magincia, the provisional government of Britannia will conduct a lottery for purposes of granting the right to construct private residences and shops in the city proper and close-by outskirts. Twenty-two lots of land in the City of New Magincia on both Trammel and Felucca will be available for personal use. Plots are 15 x 15 in size, deed holders may place smaller but not larger foundations. They are spaced apart for suburban sensibilities; the founders of New Magincia do not want to create a dense cityscape! Each lot offers unique features, such as proximity to the city center or public gardens, nearby roads, waterfronts, or serene lightly wooded surroundings. The two systems in place should keep the distribution fair and equal to all.

Lottery System

Map of the proposed plot locations of New Magincia.
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The New Magincia land lottery is subject to the following terms:

  1. Each lot of land will be auctioned individually. Players may enter the drawing for as many lots as they wish.
  2. Players purchase tickets for the lotteries. Winners will be selected at random for each plot from all tickets sold for each plot’s lottery. One player may win multiple plots.
  3. Ticket sales are account-based. Winning lots may be claimed by any character on the winning account.
  4. Lottery winners will receive A writ of lease.png A Writ of Lease for the lot of land.
    1. This Writ is blessed, and functions as a recall rune for the lot of land it represents.
    2. Writs of Lease may be traded to other players.
    3. The Writ grants the bearer the exclusive right to place a house on that plot of land.
    4. Once used, the Writ expires, and the plot of land reverts to normal house placement rules.
    5. If not used within 30 days, the Writ of Lease expires, and the land reverts to normal house placement rules.
    6. Once expired, the Writ remains in the owner’s possession as a commemorative item
  5. In recognition of Magincia’s roots in the Virtue of Humility, lots in the northern section of the city will limit ticket purchases to 1 per account, at a nominal price of 10,000 gp per ticket.
  6. In recognition of New Magincia’s need to grow its coffers, lots in the southern section will not limit ticket purchases and each ticket will cost 2,000 gp. A person’s chance of winning the lot is proportional to the number of tickets purchased; e.g. someone who purchased 5% of all tickets sold for that lottery has a 5% chance of winning that lot.
  7. House placement in New Magincia is subject to all normal house placement rules. Placing a new house in New Magincia will cause that account’s other houses, if any, to become condemned. All other house placement rules still apply. The Writ of Lease simply grants the bearer of the Writ the exclusive option to build on the indicated lot of land within a 30-day window.
Use the stones in front of each plot to purchase a ticket for that plot and also to learn about your winning chances.



The Public Gardens of New Magincia

The City and Island of New Magincia are proud to make land available for public gardening use. Residents and visitors of the city are welcome to select an open area of land in either the public garden or an area in or around the city, till the soil, plant it, and bring forth unique and colorful landscaping as they see fit.

Growing a plant on public land works much the same as growing plants in private greenhouses. The process starts with a hoe, which may be purchased from a merchant in New Magincia. The gardener uses the hoe on grass or dirt to create a plot of tilled earth. This tilled earth is now under the sole care ofthe gardener who created it; other people will are not allowed to plant a seed there, water it, or perform any other maintenance.

The tilled earth functions much like a normal plant bowl, except that it exists outdoors for the public to see. After softening the earth, a seed may be planted and tended, after which it will grow into a sprout and later a fully mature plant. Unlike plants grown in plant bowls, public garden plants will not produce resources or seeds, and will not enter decorative mode until made decorative manually by the gardener. So long as the plant is cared for, it will continue to live. Plants grown on public land in Magincia are tracked with the name of the owner and the date they were originally planted. If made decorative, the plant will be moved to the owner’s backpack and will behave as any other decorative plant, except that it remains stamped with the date originally planted and the date it was harvested.

Each player may only till one plot of land per four days, unless the last plant they planted dies. In that circumstance, the gardener may create another plant immediately. There are some restrictions on plant placement; for example, plants may not be created too close to structures, and plants are not allowed to be placed too densely. Soil with existing landscaping or trees on it may not be tilled. Plants that block movement may not be planted adjacent to each other, except within fenced-off public gardens.

It is the sincere wish of the Council of New Magincia that the public will take great joy in beautifying the city with seeds from the loveliest plants and flowers known to Sosaria!