Shield of Recognition

Shield of recognition.jpg

The Shield of Recognition is a named Order Shield that is given out as a reward for completing the Know thy Humility Quest, otherwise known as the quest to receive a Cloak of Humility.

  • However, if a player humbly declines Gareth’s offer of a reward, he then instructs the player to visit the Shrine of Humility on Fire Island, where the Blessed, NO-DROP Grey Cloak that was given to the player earlier as a quest item is transformed into a Cloak of Humility.

The Shield of Recognition is, in essence, a boobie prize for those players who do not fully understand the humility required to win, or merit, a Cloak of Humility.

As the Shield of Recognition is a legitimate, if sarcastic, reward for completing the quest, many consider the shield as a component of the Virtue Armor Set.