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I play on Legends shard with the best online friends one could ask for. They support my silly events and even host some of their own.

I'll try to extend an invite to everyone here on uoguide, because even when I have taken a few months or years break from uo, I still keep up with everything here on uoguide.

As I frequent the site so much, I'll be happy to be able to make any edits, or create any pages we may need. I'm always hesitant to upload pictures, but I hope I can be a great help to the site, and I hope that with a more complete index, the site will pick up a bigger flux of users, and perhaps even increase the number of players on uo.

Lastly, I highly encourage role playing! This is a role playing game, and has a strong history of great role playing. I cannot advocate it enough.

What Am I Doing Here?

  • Dead-end articles
  • Creating Wanted Articles
  • Redirecting one sentence acronym pages to Acronym
  • Adding more meaningful content to each city's page, including a list of building names and notable npcs (this will eliminate a bunch of wanted pages, by allowing for meaningful redirects)
  • Creating a new page for (what I call) "monster traits"; sample below.

Monster abilities are traits unobtainable by player characters. These traits can be passive, offensive, or defensive in nature and can be shared across a wide span of Britannian wildlife. An example of a monster ability is a Lava Snake's passive burning ability to nearby creatures.

List of Monster Abilities

Trait Effect Commonly Found On
Fire Aura This creature radiates heat, inflicting fire damage to all eligible targets within its radius. Interrupts spell casting, and may reveal hidden players. Lava Serpent, Pyre, Fire Gargoyle, Phoenix
Putrid Nausea Players caught within its radius will incur reduced swing speed by 60, Hit Chance Increase by 60, Defense Chance Increase by 60 and Faster Casting by 5 for 30 seconds. Lady Melisande
Corrosive Players damaging, or damaged by, this creature will have their equipment durability depleted at an accelerated rate. Acid Elemental, Corrosive Slime
Poison Aura This creature is venting toxic gas, inflicting poison damage to all eligible targets within its radius. Interrupts spell casting, and may reveal hidden players. Poison Elemental, Blightborn Slime