An acronym is an abbreviation of a name or phrase using only some letters from each word in the name or phrase. Most acronyms use the first letter of each word, but not all.

List of Commonly Used Acronyms

Acronymn Definition
AI Armor Ignore or Artificial Intelligence
AoS Age of Shadows
AR Armor Rating or Artifact Rarity
DCI Defense Chance Increase
DI Damage Increase
EQ Earthquake
EV Energy Vortex
FC Faster Casting
FCR Faster Cast Recovery
GGS Guaranteed Gain System
GM Game Master or Guild Master or Grandmaster
IRL In Real Life
LMC Lower Mana Cost
LRC Lower Reagent Cost
ML Mondain's Legacy
MR Mana Regeneration
NPC Non-Playing Character
PK Player Killer
RP Role Playing
SSI Swing Speed Increase
UBWS Use Best Weapon Skill
UO Ultima Online

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