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Shard: Chesapeake

Guild: Fellowship of Virtue [*V*]

Mayor of Gyldenfeld

Contact me at UO Forums


Been playing Ultima Online since 1999(and the solo Ultima games prior) and would like to contribute to this excellent UO resource. Beta-tested Renaissance, Third Dawn, Samurai Empire and most recently Kingdom Reborn. I also got invited by EA to test Ultima X:Odyssey and won runner-up in the first(and sadly last) ever PVP tournament.

Mostly into PVM and like to do event stuff on Chesapeake. At various times, I founded the Fellowship of Virtue, the Red Wolf Cafe, the town of Gyldenfeld, the Red Wolf Auction House and built the first treasure map rune library on Hokuto called The Tattered Map.

I love to meet UO friends and have been to a few meetups and town halls over the years, including what I like to call the first three UOCON's.

To Do List

  • Finish creating pages/linking them up and adding/uploading images for food on the Cooking skill page.
  • Finish creating pages/linking them up and adding/uploading images for minor artifacts on the Artifacts (Doom) page.
  • Spelling Police - Hunt mispellings mercilessly, esp when people mispell Felucca as Felluca/Feluca/etc. but especially Felucia! Also fix grammar and punctuation when they're really bad...
  • Constantly hunting Orphaned pages and Double Redirects.
  • Generally try to remove things from the first/second person(I/you) in pages. A standardized Style Guide might be good.
  • Working on a super-special article about one of the hidden skills/templates in UO.
  • Someday finish writing the Melee Training Guide.
  • Generally find/edit/upload images when I see new pages without them. Images are easy, writing good pages takes work so it's the least I can do ;)

Strange Things

I've seen some strange stuff over time, here are a few:

  • Digging in the grave just north of the monarch tomb in Britain graveyard will tell you that you've already found the treasure there(part of Royal Council Massacre?
  • NPC Brigands (and now other "red" NPC's) will attack neutral wandering animals randomly.
  • After you deliver an Escort to their destination, you can no longer open their Paperdoll even though they may walk around or loiter.
  • You get the message "New Default Location Set" even if you set the same rune as the default location in a runebook.
  • Actually saw the fabled NPC red mage camp spawn several years ago. Sadly, someone had already ganked the blood tiles.
  • Pity them, dying tubs have yet to die, suffering continuously for over 12 years now.
  • Usually when a new person/NPC appears, their name is displayed 3 times over them. In less common cases, it's only two times, or with the rideable polar bear and some players, appears at the bottom left of the screen.
  • The UO Korean website has fallen completely from use and the domain name is up for sale from the registrar. Are all the Korean shards about to go away? Baekdu was the first and only production shard ever shutdown(2002), signalling low gamer interest for UO in Korea.
  • If you go to the southeast house in the middle of the Hedge Maze and use object handles, there is a hidden item that shows up at "???" along the north wall next to the broken bookcase.
  • When a creature/monster gets low on health while fighting and goes into "flee" mode, it can walk onto a player's house plot whereas normally, when aggressive, it cannot.
  • No matter how many times you skin an animal carcass, it will continue to pool blood on the ground each time.