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Weight: 5 Stones
Strength Requirement 10

A form of Clothing worn in the Back Slot, the Cloak is available to Tailors for Crafting.

They can be Blessed with a Clothing Bless Deed or dyed with a standard Dying Tub. They can furthermore be recycled, using either Scissors or a Salvage Bag.

Various cloaks, such as the Age of Shadows Launch Gift Cloak, are available as Artifacts / Veteran Rewards / Event Items. Refer to the Cloak category if you're after a full list.

Cloak Confusion

In real life, the term "cloak" is usually applied to large, cape-like objects - large enough to entirely conceal and hide their wearer, like a robe or shroud. Hence some items in Ultima Online which count as robe-type items are titled as "cloaks".

However, because in-game cloaks don't actually "cloak" their wearers (they act purely as capes, using the Back Slot), while robes use the Robe Slot, this understandably causes confusion. Known inconsistencies are:


Crafting the Tailoring item Cloak
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
41.4 Tailoring
Cloth 14 Cloth
50.0 skill = 67.2%
70.0 skill = 100.0%
100.0 skill = 100.0%
Exceptional Chances
50.0 skill = 7.2%
70.0 skill = 47.2%
100.0 skill = 100.0%
Additional Notes
This item may hold it's Maker's Mark.
The item retains the color of the material used.