For Great Justice!

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This was 1 of 3 quests associated with the attacks on the Shrines of Love (see Principles and Virtues) by the minions of Astaroth, the Shadowlord of Hate. By completing all 3 quests, players could help to fuel the Candle of Love and beat back the attacks.

None of the 3 quests are active anymore, though vestiges of all 3 remain in the game.

You must visit the Shrine of Justice on either Trammel or Felucca facets. Speak the mantra "beh" to be presented with the quest. This quest can only be completed one time per character. You can only take on this quest when the shrine is no corrupted (which is indicated by a black sparkle). Kill all red monsters in the area to cleanse the shrine.


Executioners rusty pen.png

Head to Wrong dungeon. On the first level, take the east corridor past the sparkles and into the jail area. Directly across from the door you entered will be a cell with the Ghost of a Prisoner. Enter that cell and double-click the Dusty Skeleton on the wall. The ghost will speak, "OooooOOOOoooOOOooO... oh, wait, you can actually hear me." The quest menu for Thomas' Story will appear. Complete that quest. Then you will have to continue on and complete the Journal Delivery and Executioner's Last Stand quests in order to obtain the rusty pen. Once you have the pen, toggle it as quest item and return to the justice shrine and say "beh".


Quill of justice.png

This item is needed for completing the Purifying Light quest.



As you meditate on the virtue of Justice, you find yourself envisioning a dusty skeleton, shackled to a wall. As you ponder the skeleton's existence, a feeling a great injustice washes over you suddenly.

As you step back from the shrine and open your eyes, the feeling subsides, leaving you with the strong desire to right this great wrong, whatever it may be.


You place the rusty pen on the shrine and begin to meditate.

The injustice done to both Nina and Thomas stirs a feeling of great sadness inside of you. Though the record has finally been set straight after all these years, you can't help but to think that after all the executioner had done he deserved a far worse punishment than death.

You vow to meditate more on the Virtue of Justice in your future travels so that you might better understand how to temper your feelings with Love.

When you open your eyes, you notice that the pen has been transformed by Justice! Stepping up to the shrine, you take the Pen of Justice, as your intuition tells you that you'll need it evetnually on your quest to thwart Astaroth.

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