Assassin Honed

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Assassin Honed is a new item property introduced with Publish 74, it is found on weapons in the treasure room in Wrong.

  • A successful hit with a weapon will provide bonus damage if the attacker is facing the same direction as the target.
  • The percentage of the damage is based on the weapons original swing speed. The faster the sing speed of the weapon the higher the damage bonus. Swing Speed Increase has no affect.
  • Ranged weapons have a 50% chance to proc.
  • The damage bonus is subject to the 300% damage cap.
  • Items with the property cannot be Enhanced or Runic Reforged. the can be imbued.

The damage bonus scales based on the original weapon speed were 2 second weapons can receive up to a 73% damage bonus while 4 seconds weapons can receive up to a 33% damage bonus when triggered.

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