Ankh Of Sacrifice


The Ankh of Sacrifice is a 10th year veteran reward which comes as a deed and allows players to place a special type of Ankh in their home. Unlike the 5th year veteran reward Decorative Stone Ankh which is a purely decorative item, the Ankh of Sacrifice allows any player (blues and reds alike, regardless of account age) to self-resurrect once an hour inside their house or any other accessible house, as long as they are within range. Additionally, it may also be used to Lock Karma. A player's account must be must be 120 months or older to place an Ankh of Sacrifice in their home with the deed.

The Ankh of Sacrifice is similar in appearance to other Ankhs commonly seen around Sosaria with the exception of the blood seeping out of it into a pool, only seen otherwise at the Shrine of Sacrifice.

Double-click the deed and select the facing, then target the spot you want it to go. Use an Axe on it to return it to deed form.

Ankh of sacrifice placement menu.jpg


  • Blessed
  • Faces South or East
  • Takes up 2 tiles
  • There is a 1 hour cool down period between each use per player.
  • It comes in a deed - "Deed For An Ankh Of Sacrifice"
  • Can be placed facing south and east.
  • Just like a regular Ankh, it can be used to lock a character's Karma.
  • Cannot be used to Tithe gold with the Chivalry skill.
  • Cannot be dyed with a Furniture Dye Tub.

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