City Banner

Banner of Britain
Weight: 1 Stone

City Banners are introduced with Publish 75 during the event cycle The Awakening. They can be purchased once a week from the Guard Captains for 250,000 gold pieces, provided that your loyalty rating towards the city is high enough (~ Adored).

To place a Banner you only need the first rank of City Loyalty however, "Commended".

To place, double-click the banner deed and target a tile next to a wall. The banner will automatically choose the facing depending on the wall. If you target a corner, you will be presented with another menu to choose the facing.


Banner of britain.png Banner of jhelom.png Banner of new magincia.png
Britain Jhelom New Magincia
Banner of minoc.png Banner of moonglow.png Banner of skara.png
Minoc Moonglow Skara Brae
Banner of trinsic.png Banner of vesper.png Banner of yew.png
Trinsic Vesper Yew


  • Can face East or South
  • Takes up 1 tile
  • Double-click the banner to redeed

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