City Trade Minister


City Trade Minister

Introduced with Publish 77, City Trade Ministers accept a variety of basic resources from players to assist in rebuilding their representative city and providing for the citizenry as part of The Awakening epic story arc. City Trade Ministers will accept goods across a variety of professions including, Lumberjacks, Miners, Hunters, Cooks, Fisherman, Archers, Alchemists, Tamers and Herders. Donated items and animals earn characters loyalty points with the city they are donated in and can be used to claim rewards such as various titles and City Banners.

Trade Ministers can be found on the docks of the participating cities, with the exception of "Great Oak Vessels" for Yew and the Stables in Minoc as those cities lack docks.

As of Publish 86 City Trade Ministers now also offer players Traders Quest to deliver goods between cities.


Double-clicking the City Trade Minister NPC will display a window explaining donations:

"Greetings and Salutations! I am overjoyed thou hath seen fit to donate to the City! Surely they good deed shall be worthy of praise!"
"We have need for resources and wares from a variety of professions! From Lumberjacks and Miners we require boards and ingots to rebuild our homes. From Hunters we require hides and cut leather to fashion goods and also cuts of rubs to feed the hungry. Cooks are in need to baked bread, while any citizen wouldst nay turn away a Fisherman's fresh catch of Crab and Lobster, or would even find fish steaks! Our archers are in need of tools for their trade, and so the Bowyer can provide Bows and Crossbows. Our citizens are always in need of healing, restorative, and sometimes devastating salves, and so we call upon Alchemists to donate simple potions. Finally our soldiers, ranchers, and farmers are in need of all manner of beasts. Hitch any dogs, cats, cows, goats, horses, sheep, pigs, or chickens to the post here and we will most certainly be appreciative!"


Donating items or animals in a city increases loyalty points for the character with that city.


The hitching post next to the trade minister will accept dogs, cats, cows, goats, horses, sheep, pigs and chickens. To donate the animal, double-click the hitching post and target the creature. A confirmation window will appear to verify your intent. Animals that have been herded, but not tamed, may be donated, so beware of stealthers.


For convenience, items may either be placed singly onto the donation crate or with other items in a container. When donating a container holding items, a confirmation gump will appear displaying the quantities of each of item by type. Make sure to check the listing as all donations are final.

The following items can be donated:

Note: Items that are not accepted when donating a container holding items will remain in the container in the character's backpack.

Value of Donations

The donation crate will accept different varieties of a type of item, although there is no benefit to donating rarer or higher-value types.

For example, while the donation crate will accept any type of cut leather, no differentiation is made when donating Barbed leather or Spined leather despite Barbed leather being worth more.