Cowl of the Mace and Shield

Cowl of the Mace and Shield
Weight: 2 Stones
Hit Lower Defense 30%
Strength Bonus 10
Dexterity Bonus 5
Physical Resist 25%
Fire Resist 10%
Cold Resist 10%
Poison Resist 10%
Energy Resist 10%
Strength Requirement 45
Durability: 255 (min) - 255 (max)

Cowl of the Mace and Shield is a head slot armor piece which has the same properties as the Mace and Shield Reading Glasses with the following additions:

  • Is exceptional
  • May hold its Maker's Mark
  • The item retains the color of its material
  • Requires the High Seas booster
  • Can be dyed


Recipe is obtained from a special vendor near the hall for The Fellowship during the Forsaken Foes story/event arc beginning November 01, 2019. 150,000 Fellowship Silver is required to obtain this recipe.

Skill required:
120.0Tailoring for 5% success


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