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This page lists future development plans for UO. These potential changes are always subject to alteration or cancellation by the development team.

Currently Testing

Moongate red transparent.png PVP update, for details of all the changes, see the discussion thread on stratics.

Future Development Plans

Calvin Uriah Crowner and Bonnie Mesanna Armstrong in the Ultima Online Developer Q&A, May 2011

Current Publish

Gothic and Rustic Theme Packs

Previous Publish

Magincia Plot Lotto

Main Article: Magincia Plot Guidelines.

We currently have a copy of Great Lakes on Test Center 1. Hopefully this will make it a little easier to test what we have done in Magincia with the lotto.

  • There are 22 lots each in both Trammel and Felucca. The island is divided up by North and South end. The North end is the area towards the beach area and these plots are 10K per ticket and you are allowed to buy one ticket per account per plot. The South end is towards the bank and these are 2K a ticket and there are no ticket purchase limits.

Magincia Planting System

  • Players are able to plant seeds in grassy areas around Magincia by using a hoe. The players will have to maintain the upkeep of the seeds to keep them healthy. Only the owner of the seed can take care of the plant . The plant will be tagged with the owners name and the date he/she planted it. Players will be able to dig up the plants after they have matured and they will continue to keep the player’s name, the date planted and the date harvested.

Abyss Quest and Monsters

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