New Player Guide: Hints and Tips

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Hints and Tips

Here are some hints and tips that will help new players to get to know the game better.

Social Centers

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Depending on your shard, chances are the social center will be the west Britain bank, New Haven bank or Luna. While most people at these places are idling, if you need something, you can start there.

If you walk around saying something along the lines of "I'm new and need help, please give me gold," you probably won't get very far. However, if you say, "I'm a new player and am looking for hunting partners," chances are pretty good you'll find some help. Check people's names. If you see someone named "iPwNdaN00bS" chances are they will not be of much assistance. Check people's guild associations as well. Get to know the major guilds on your shard, and get in good with some of these guilds.

In addition to these, you can also check out your shard's events from the Event Moderator websites. Some shards have community meetups from time to time, as well as various events such as player-run auction houses, or the occasional player-sponsored or guild-sponsored events, usually packed with free gold and items.

An Economic Note

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Although you start off with 1000 gold, and that may seem like a lot, the unofficial base economic unit in UO is 1000 gold, or 1k. When buying practically anything from other players, it will be measured in thousands or maybe millions. For example, you may buy an Essence of Battle for 400k, or 400,000 gold, or you may buy a Crimson Cincture for 16M, or 16,000,000 gold. The UO economy is always a subject of debate, but needless to say, becoming a millionaire is not a great accomplishment. Always remember that, as in any economy, prices fluctuate. What costs 500k today may cost 200k in a couple of months, 100k a couple of months later, and 900k a few months after that.

Like it or not, UO has become an item-based game. You will often hear people talking about the various items in-game. When in doubt, check out UOGuide, or just ask around.

Skill Training

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Most trainers in New Haven offer New Player Quests that require that you gain 50% in the skill they train. For some of these quests, you can go to Old Haven and hunt undead there for an accelerated skill gain effect (while others might request for you to stay in the trainer's shop, or head to the mountains to the south west). Please note that as long as you have these quests, you cannot buy training from a trainer - You have to abandon the quest and then retake it again after the training. You still get the reward at the end, which is mostly a very useful item. For example, for the necromancy quest you get a fully-filled necromancer spellbook.

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