Kotl Black Rod

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Kotl Black Rod
Weight: 4 Stones
Spell Channeling
Mage Weapon -0 Skill
Faster Casting 2
Lower Mana Cost 5%
Lower Reagent Cost 10%
Physical Damage 100%
Weapon Damage 11 - 14
Weapon Speed 2.25s
Strength Requirement 30
Two-Handed Weapon
Skill Required: Mace Fighting
Durability: 255 / 255

The Kotl Black Rod is a carpentry craftable artifact released with Publish 94. They are a more powerful version of the Staff of the Magi (which is a required ingredient to craft them). A Carpentry Recipe scroll is also required, as well as a Black Moonstone.


Crafting the Carpentry item Kotl Black Rod
Minimum Skill Requirements Components Success Chances
100.0 Carpentry
Boards.png 20 Boards or Logs
Black Moonstone.png 1 Black Moonstone
Staff Of The Magi.png 1 Staff of the Magi
100.0 skill = 5.0%
Exceptional Chances
Cannot be Exceptionally crafted.
Additional Notes
The item retains the color of the material used.
Requires the "Time of Legends" expansion.
Requires a Carpentry Recipe scroll.