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A rare reward from the Order of the Dragonfish:
A rare reward from the Order of the Dragonfish:
* [[Ceramic Mug]] (Salmon Bait)
* Bait for a random [[Fish#Rare_Fish|rare fish]] that can be applied on a [[Fishing Pole|fishing pole]].
* [[Lava Fishing Pole]] [[File:Lava_fishing_pole.png]]
* [[Lava Fishing Pole]] [[File:Lava_fishing_pole.png]]

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The Professional Fisher Quests are a series of Fishing quests found throughout port towns of Sosaria and the Lost Lands like:

Some of the quests are only available to Fishers with 100 or higher skill. The quests are given out by the NPC Fish Mongers and a player must already have a boat or galleon in the water to accept the quest. Having a boat(and not a galleon) in the water will lead to smug comments from the NPC and a lower-level fishing quest.

Quest Description

This quest is part of a category of quests where you catch uncommon fish and use your ship to deliver them to ports to gain rewards and better fishing orders.

Successful completion of this quest increases your standing with the fishmonger guild and unlocks bigger orders and greater rewards. Destroying the crate will forfeit the order and hurt your standing with the fishmonger guild.

You must have the High Seas booster pack to do this quest.

Note: You will not be able to dry dock your ship while you are on this quest. Destroying the crate in your hull will cancel the quest and re-enable dry docking.

UOGuide Note: You will be able to dry dock your ship but will have to quit the quest to do so. If you must dry dock your ship for some reason, you must first destroy the crate or you will not be able to dry dock the ship. To destroy the crate, open the Quest menu and cancel the quest, which will automatically destroy the crate.

Greetings sailor, I see ye have a fine ship, might ye be looking for work?

I have some orders for some particular fish that needs catchin' an' deliverin' and I be lookin' for some business partners. If ye will agree to fill this order an' deliver it fer me, I will reward ye with a rare prize as payment. What say ye?

-Fish Monger

Quest Objective

  • Fill the crate on your ship with the correct fish.

Quest Lore

Upon accepting the quest, a No-Drop/No-Trade crate will be placed on the cargo of your ship. This crate will tell how many of which fish to catch and also which dock to deliver. The possible destinations are:

Once you have caught all the necessary fish, put them inside the crate and sail to the destination. After you reach the destination dock, talk with the Fish Monger Npc:

Ahoy, sailor! These be a fine batch o' fish and I'll be glad to pay the price. I will forwarded the money owed to the fishmonger who brokered this business with me compliments.
Fer ye I have a rare gift from the Order of the Dragonfish that ye can't buy with gold. Let me jes' tuck it in yer backpack here... There you go! Use it wisely and it can make ye wealthy!
If ye are interested in gettin more fishin' business from me, I have some orders of me own to fill and ship. Jes' let me know.


A rare reward from the Order of the Dragonfish:

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