Ultima Online: Time of Legends

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Ultima Online: Time of Legends
Ultima Online: Time of Legends box art
Release date: October 9, 2015
Developer: Broadsword
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Website: www.uo.com/time-of-legends
"The dim glow of the moongate illuminates the jungle ahead, the roar of unknown beasts breaks the silence of night. Before you is the Valley of Eodon, an untamed wilderness of untold riches waiting to be discovered . . ."

Ultima Online: Time of Legends draws inspiration from the classic single player game: Worlds of Ultima: Savage Empires. Through the awesome power of the Time Lord, players are able to explore this new land and immerse themselves in a variety of new game features.


Additional Updates

All players will benefit from the following game updates:

  • Spirituality & Humility Virtues- the last two virtues to be implemented completing the Virtues System
  • Revamped Currency System - removal of checks to allow greater ease in storing and trading gold


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