Cleansing Old Haven

Cleansing Old Haven is a new player quest found in New Haven and begins with Aelorn the Chivalry Instructor.



Head East out of town to Old Haven. Consecrate your weapon, cast Divine Fury, and battle monsters there until you have raised your Chivalry skill to 50.


Hail, friend. The life of a Paladin is a life of much sacrifice, humility, bravery, and righteousness. If you wish to pursue such a life, I have an assignment for you. Adventure east to Old Haven, consecrate your weapon and lay to rest the undead that inhabit there.

Each ability a Paladin wishes to invoke will require a certain amount of "tithing points" to use. A Paladin can earn these tithing points by donating gold at a shrine or holy place. You may tithe at this shrine."

Return to me once you feel that you are worthy of the rank of Apprentice Paladin.


Well done, friend. While I know you understand Chivalry is its own reward, I would like to reward you with something that will protect you in battle. It was passed down to me when I was a lad. Now, I am passing it on you. It is called the Bulwark Leggings. Thank you for your service.


Accelerated skill gain

By traveling to Old Haven, characters will gain an accelerated skill gain buff which speeds up skill gains by about 0.2 - 0.5 per gain. The buff disappears after the character reaches 50 points in Chivalry.