Virtue Menu

Virtuesicon.jpg The Virtue Menu in KR is very user friendly. It is accessed by clicking on Virtues on the Menu bar of your main screen. By clicking on a virtue in the list you are given a description of the virtue and can see the current level of your virtue displayed as a number out of 10 for each level until you have gained the maximum level (e.g., 6/10 or 10/10).

There are three levels to each virtue, Seeker, Follower and Knight. At the time of writing not all the virtues are active. At present, as in 2D, you may only study the virtues in: Sacrifice, Compassion, Valor, Honor and Justice.


The only difference to the display from 2D is there doesn't appear to be an easy 'view' by color as to your current level, and you must look at the virtue in the list to see where you are.


  • The gold virtue button (as indicated by the Heart Icon in the above Sacrifice gump) maybe dragged off to add to macro command boxes, or just placed in a hotbar (as shown above) for 'one click' access. If your character only uses a couple of them then that is all you need to use (e.g., if your character uses the Honor virtue a lot then drag the Cup shaped one to your hotbar; clicking on it once will give you a target cursor).

  • For More information on the Virtues, click the 'MORE' button and a web browser will open the page at For example, clicking 'MORE' on the Sacrifice virtue will open the page giving detail on the philosophy of the virtue and how to 'use' it in game, Sacrifice Virtue.