White Pearl

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White Pearl.png
The White Pearl is a resource and Imbuing ingredient that spawns in the backpack of fishermen with 80 skill points or more. There is no special place to seek for these, any location that yields a fish can spawn a resource gem. White Pearl, among others, is an ingredient required to craft the following items:

Pendant of the Magi Pendant of the Magi
Arcanist's Wild Staff Arcanist's Wild Staff
Lightweight Shortbow Lightweight Shortbow
White Pearl Bracelet White Pearl Bracelet
Spellblade of Defense Spellblade of Defense
Luckblade Luckblade
Adventurer's Machete Adventurer's Machete
Quiver of Ice Quiver of Ice


White Pearls are also an Imbuing ingredient needed to imbue the any of the regular Slayer properties onto weapons.