Stone Form

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Stone Form - In Rel Ylem
Stone form.jpg Mana Cost Minimum Skill Delay (seconds)
11 33 1.25
Reagents Blood Moss, Fertile Dirt, Garlic
Duration Until spell is recast.
Area of Effect Caster
Description Infuses the caster with the essence of solid stone, making him slow to fight and cast spells, but gives him resistances to curse and damage and a slight bonus to physical damage attacks. The Stone Form may neutralize poison, strangle, bleed, sleep, and stat reduction effects. The Stone Form's effectiveness is determined by the Caster's Mysticism and either Focus or Imbuing skills (whichever is greater).

Imposes [1] a -10% swing speed increase. Imposes a -2 faster casting penalty and damage increase (does not count as an item DI). For a time, there was also a walking penalty, but no longer.

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  1. As stated by lead designer in FoF ( effective bonus/malus are as following:
    -10% Swing Speed Increase
    -2 Faster Casting
    Bonus to Resists = ((mysticismSkill + imbuingSkill) / 24) (+10% to all resists @ 120 Mysticism and 120 Imbuing)
    Bonus to Resist Cap ((mysticismSkill + imbuingSkill) / 48) (+5% to all resists @ 120 Mysticism and 120 Imbuing) *no bonus to resists at all if using armor refinements
    Melee Damage Increase = ((mysticismSkill + imbuingSkill)/ 12) (+20% melee damage increase @ 120 Mysticism and 120 Imbuing)