City Loyalty

City Loyalty is a feature that was introduced with Publish 77 and the storyline The Awakening. This, coupled with Publish 81's City Elections has created a rich environment for roleplay within the game.


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Loyalty Rating

A city gains Love or Hate for that character based on her/his actions:

Love Neutrality Hate
Gaining Method
  • Performing beneficial acts in a city:
  • Performing negative acts in a city:
    • Killing Angry Rioters. (-400x)
    • Performing beneficial acts in other cities.
Secondary Effects
  • A small fraction of the city's Hate for that character is converted into Neutrality.
  • All other cities will convert some of their Love for that character into Neutrality.
  • A small fraction of the city's Love for that character is converted into Hate.
Decay Rate
  • Moderate
  • Rapid
  • Slowest

: If you login once every 40 hours, the decay prevention will prevent cities' Love for you from decaying. Neutrality and Hatred values from cities will always decay.

As you will progress, you will gain a loyalty rating based on your actions:

Tier Positive
←Most Positive
Neutral Negative
Most Negative→
Tier 0 Unknown
Tier 1 Commended Doubted Disfavored
Tier 2 Respected Esteemed Distrusted Disliked Detested
Tier 3 Adored Admired Honored Disgraced Loathed Despised Reviled
Tier 4 Venerated Revered Exalted Lauded Denigrated Scorned Shunned Vilified Abhorred

: You can become Venerated immediately by donating 100,000 iron ingots to the City Trade Ministers.

To become adored you can spend 20,000 boards of Bloodwood

  • If the character only performs beneficial actions for one city, the character gains positive ratings
  • If the character only performs harmful actions for one city, the character gains negative ratings
  • If the character performs a mixture of actions for a city, or performs beneficial actions for multiple cities, the character will tend to gain positive or negative ratings to a lesser degree or will gain distrustful ratings.

Note that you should:

  • arrest 4 Angry Rioters or help 16 Angry Protestors for Commended,
  • arrest 20 Angry Rioters or help 80 Angry Protestors for Respected,
  • arrest 100 Angry Rioters or help 400 Angry Protestors for Adored and
  • arrest 500 Angry Rioters or help 2000 Angry Protestors for Venerated.

City Banners

Main Article: City Banner

If your loyalty rating towards the city is high enough (~ Adored), you can purchase a City Banner from the Guard Captains for 250,000 Gold coins.png gold pieces.

City Titles

You can declare citizenship for a city (which will grant you the title Citizen) from the Rewards section of the Titles Menu which can be accessed from your characters context menu. You can receive further titles for that city if you have:

  1. the required minimum loyalty rating for the title.
  2. enough funds in your bank-box to donate for the title.

You can only declare citizenship in a single city and you can renounce your citizenship at any time. However, you need to wait a week before declaring citizenship for another city again.

Character ←Lower Loyalty Rating Title Higher Loyalty Rating→
Female Citizen Dame Baronetess Baroness Viscountess Countess Marquise Duchess
Male Citizen Knight Baronet Baron Viscount Earl Marquis Duke
Gold - 10,000 100,000 1,000,000 2,000,000 5,000,000 10,000,000 50,000,000
Loyalty - Commended Esteemed Respected Admired Adored Revered Venerated

City Elections

A new election system has been added to the loyalty towns. Players with a sufficient amount of loyalty will be able to nominate themselves for the ballot. Citizens of that town will endorse candidates, then vote in a general election to select a Governor. The Governor will have the ability to negotiate trade deals with NPC Guilds, grant titles to the citizens of the City, and attend council meetings with His Royal Highness King Blackthorn.

  • City Elections begin on the first day of March, June, September, and December.
  • The Nomination period beings on the first day of the listed months and lasts for 1 real world week.
  • Players wishing to nominate themselves can visit the City Stone located near the banks of each of the Loyalty Cities.

Nomination Requirements

  • Not be on a trial account
  • Not be a young player
  • Hold citizenship to the City they wish to nominate themselves
  • Be at least adored
  • Only 1 character can be nominated per city per account

At the time of nomination the stone will track how much love and hate a character has from the City. A nominated character must be endorsed within 24 hours of their nomination by another citizen of the city. Failing to receive an endorsement will require a character to re-nominate themselves. There is no limit to the number of times a player can nominate themselves.

Endorsement Requirements

  • Not have already offered an endorsement with the same account in the same City
  • Not currently be on an account that is nominated for the ballot
  • Not be on a trial account
  • Not be a young player
  • Hold citizenship to the city they wish to offer an endorsement

Players that have been successfully endorsed will be placed on the ballot for a 1 week voting period at the conclusion of the nomination period

Voting Requirements

  • Not have already voted with the same account on the same shard.
  • Not be on a trial account
  • Not be a young player
  • Have citizenship to the city they wish to vote
  • Be at least respected

At the conclusion of the 1 week voting period a winner will be chosen based on the character who has received the most votes

In the event of a tie:

  • The character with the most love recorded at the time of nomination will win the election
  • If a further tie exists between those characters’ love values the character with the least amount of hate recorded at the time of nomination will win the election
  • If a tie exists still at this point the King will choose a winner

Accepting Office

After winning the election a Governor-Elect must visit the City Stone to accept office. If a significant period of time passes before the Governor-Elect accepts office the King may opt to choose another Governor.

Governor Abilities

Granting Special Titles

  • Governors can only grant titles to the Citizen of their City
  • Characters may remove their city title by accessing the City Stone and selecting “Remove City Title”
  • Governors may remove City titles by leaving the title input form blank
  • Titles do not persist through character transfer and will be removed if a character denounces citizenship
  • Titles will expire at the conclusion of the Governor’s term in office

Opening NPC Guild Trade Deals

  • Trade deals cost 2,000,000gp each week from funds obtained from the City Treasury.
  • The City Treasury can be donated to by dropping gold or checks on the City Herald near each City Stone.
  • Since Publish 83 the City benefits of the full amount of your donation. (Former daily reduction of the City Treasury was canceled)
  • Trade deals can be changed once per real world week and persist indefinitely.
  • Citizens may utilize the trade deal for 24 hours by visiting the City Stone and selecting “Utilize Trade Deal” from the context menu.

Trade Deals

Also known as City Buffs/Town Buffs. A city buff for each city can be found by hovering your mouse over the city stone. The city buff lasts 24 hours.

  • Guild of Arcane Arts: +5% Spell Damage Increase
  • Society of Clothiers: +1% Resist bump to all resists
  • Bardic Collegium: +1 Faster Casting
  • Order of Engineers: +3 Dexterity Bonus
  • Guild of Healers: 5% Bandage Healing Bonus
  • Maritime Guild: +2 Hit Point Regeneration
  • Merchant’s Association: +2 Mana Regeneration
  • Mining Cooperative: +3 Strength Bonus
  • League of Rangers: +3 Intelligence Bonus
  • Guild of Assassins: +5% Swing Speed Increase
  • Warrior’s Guild: +5% Hit Chance Increase
  • Buffs will not go over caps

Sit in the Governor Designated Seating

  • See specific Shard Event Moderators for a schedule of when council meetings occur.

Renouncing Citizenship, Character Transferring, or falling into a negative loyalty rating will cause an automatic removal of Governorship.