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This page deals with the Poison status, as displayed on the Buff Bar. Being poisoned causes your character to take damage over time, the frequency/power/length of which is determined by the type of poison inflicted. A character's ability to inflict poison on others is primarily determined by their Poisoning skill.

A poisoned character's life bar will change from blue to green. This over-rides the yellow color that would usually appear if the character is also Mortally Wounded.

Damage caused by Poison is reduced by your Poison Resistance level - for example, you'll typically only take 1 or 2 points of damage from the Lesser variety if fully armored. Because of this, most players can out last even the strongest forms of Poison (assuming they aren't receiving damage from other sources at the same time). It's more effective as an annoyance (causing spell fizzles and preventing healing).

There are five known types, the first four of which can be brewed into Potion form via Alchemy. Note that of these, Lesser is the only one that deals damage based on your current Hit Points level; the others deal the same range of damage regardless of how weak you are and could be considered far more dangerous.

Type Effects Message When
Message When Other
Is Affected
Lesser ~4-7% current HP per 2 seconds. *You feel a bit nauseous* *Target looks ill.* 30 seconds.
Standard ~5-10% maximum HP per 3 seconds. * You feel disorientated and nauseous! * * Target looks extremely ill. * 30 seconds.
Greater ~7-15% maximum HP per 4 seconds. * You begin to feel pain throughout your body! * * Target stumbles around in confusion and pain. * 1 minute.
Deadly ~15-30% maximum HP per 5 seconds. * You feel extremely weak and are in severe pain! * * Target is wracked with extreme pain. * 1 minute.
Lethal ~16-33% maximum HP per 5 seconds. * You are in extreme pain, and require immediate aid! * * Target begins to spasm uncontrollably. * 1 minute 20 seconds.

Inflicting / Contracting

From Players

There are four main methods players can use to inflict Poison: Spells (such as the Poison spell and Poison Field), melee weapons with the Infectious Strike move, archery weapons with the Serpent Arrow move, or via the two Ninja ranged weapons (Shuriken and Fukiya).

Note that melee/ninja weapons must have a Poison Potion applied to them, while the spell and Serpent Arrow move do not require potions at all.

Typically, the more Poisoning skill you have, the higher a level of Poison you are capable of inflicting. The exception to this is the Shuriken/Fukiya which require no skill (however, a skilled Poisoner will need to apply a potion before they can be used).

If suicidal, you may of course simply drink a Poison Potion directly. Note that this is performed by double clicking the potion; to apply a potion to a weapon, you must activate the Poisoning skill.

Food may also be poisoned, though as characters do not need to eat (and will typically use the Create Food spell if they feel the need) edible items offered to other players will typically be greeted with suspicion (and will often fail to poison (let alone kill) the victim even if they do consume it)!

From Monsters

Any monster with the Magery skill will frequently cast the Poison spell on it's enemies. This is typically considered more of a nuisance then a threat.

If it has the Poisoning skill, it can also inflict the status via melee combat (scaling up to Lethal at 120 skill). Examples are Rune Beetles, Miasma and Rotting Corpses.

Some monsters have special "Poison Area" effects, which deal damage in addition to the status affect. Two (very dangerous) examples are Yamandons and Chief Paroxysmus.

Counteracting / Curing

You can shield yourself against the Poison spell (at least to an extent) by raising the Resisting Spells skill. Oddly enough, even a low level Imp (with minor Magery and no Poisoning skills) can still afflict a Legendary resistor.

Eating Orange Petals or using Vampiric Embrace to enter Vampire form is far more effective. Even if you become poisoned, you'll likely receive no damage from it.

Casting Cure on a poisoned target will remove most lower types of poison, and can even be effective against the higher types if the Mage has enough skill. Arch Cure takes the same amount of time to cast and is far more effective (it's even an area effect spell, curing within three tiles of the target), but requires more Mana. Paladins can use the Chivalry "spell" Cleanse by Fire to attempt a cure (at the cost of health).

If you have at least 60 Healing and Anatomy you may attempt to cure Poison using Bandages (substitute Veterinary and Animal Lore if the target is a Pet). You may attempt to apply bandages to characters or pets that are poisoned, even if they are Mortally Wounded.

Taking poison damage will cause you to fizzle your Spells if you do not have Protection active. As Lesser poison can cause these disruptions more often then any other type, it can often be frustrating to time a Cure or Arch Cure spell!

Furthermore, you cannot be the target of most healing spells if you are poisoned, and likewise Bandages applied to you will only attempt to cure you, as opposed to restoring lost Hit Points.

Often the fastest/easiest way to cure oneself is to simply drink a Cure Potion (these come in three types, lesser, standard and greater).


If using the 2D Client, a poisoned character entering your screen will have a blue line (non-poisoned) in their life bar (as opposed to the green line they should have). If the character is injured (and the assailant could be considered close behind), it's usually best to ignore appearances and attempt a cure before attempting to restore health (monsters that are capable of spells will often inflict poison with them).

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