Buff Bar

Blue button, top left
4 possible alignments

Erp! I've got to start working out. I just can't carry this shield anymore.

Buff Bar, Buff/Debuff Gump, and Buff/Debuff Icon System are all terms that refer to a game interface. The Buff Bar allows players to identify certain magic effects that are currently affecting their characters. In addition to displaying an icon for the effects, mousing over an icon will show a tooltip that displays the name of the effect, a short description, and a countdown timer that tells when the effect will expire.

Display of the Buff Bar can be turned on or off via the blue button in the upper-left corner of the Character Status Menu. The buff/debuff icons can be aligned in four different directions. The Buff/Debuff Gump can be positioned anywhere inside of the UO window.

The icon system can be loosely described as color coded: red icons indicate negative effects; blue and green icons indicate positive effects or states-of-being.

Buff/Debuff Icon List

Buff/Debuff Icons
BuffIcon Active Meditation.gif Active Meditation BuffIcon Evil Omen.gif Evil Omen
BuffIcon Agility.gif Agility BuffIcon Feeble Minded.gif Feeble Mind
BuffIcon Animal Form.gif Animal Form BuffIcon Gift Of Life.gif Gift of Life
BuffIcon Arcane Empowerment.gif Arcane Empowerment BuffIcon Gift Of Renewal.gif Gift of Renewal
BuffIcon Arch protection.gif Arch Protection BuffIcon Incognito.gif Incognito
BuffIcon Attune Weapon.gif Attune Weapon BuffIcon Invisibility.gif Invisibility
BuffIcon Bleed.gif Bleed BuffIcon Magic Reflection.gif Magic Reflection
BuffIcon Bless.gif Bless BuffIcon Mass Curse.gif Mass Curse
BuffIcon Blood Oath caster.gif Blood Oath caster BuffIcon Mindrot.gif Mindrot
BuffIcon Blood Oath curse.gif Blood Oath curse BuffIcon Mortal Strike.gif Mortal Strike
BuffIcon Clumsy.gif Clumsy BuffIcon Night Sight.gif Night Sight
BuffIcon Corpse Skin.gif Corpse Skin BuffIcon Pain Spike.gif Pain Spike
BuffIcon Cunning.gif Cunning BuffIcon Paralyze.gif Paralyze
BuffIcon Curse.gif Curse BuffIcon Poison.gif Poison
BuffIcon Death Strike.gif Death Strike BuffIcon Polymorph.gif Polymorph
BuffIcon Disarm.gif Disarm BuffIcon Protection.gif Protection
BuffIcon Disguised.gif Disguised BuffIcon Reactive Armor.gif Reactive Armor
BuffIcon Dismount.gif Dismount BuffIcon Stealth.gif Stealth
BuffIcon Divine Fury.gif Divine Fury BuffIcon Strangle.gif Strangle
BuffIcon Enemy Of One.gif Enemy of One BuffIcon Strength.gif Strength
BuffIcon Essence of Wind.gif Essence of Wind BuffIcon Thunderstorm.gif Thunderstorm
BuffIcon Ethereal Voyage.gif Ethereal Voyage BuffIcon Weaken.gif Weaken

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