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During the Fall of 2006, mysterious "traders" had appeared all around the city of Old Haven (Ocllo on Siege Perilous). You could turn in Blackrock for random rewards. Simply drop the blackrock on the trader and a reward will appear in your backpack. A trader could only only accept 5 or so pieces of Blackrock before excusing himself and recalling away.

After a few weeks collecting lots of Blackrock there was a huge explosion in the center of Haven. The traders disappeared and along with it much of Haven. Left in their wake is the city of New Haven.


For each blackrock turned in you could get one of the following rewards. The 3 different types of blackrock have different changes for rewards.

  • Original: Highest reward, as the most rare and pure of the current forms directly from the Blackrock Pillar. These are labeled as "a piece of blackrock".
  • Mined: Middle ground, these are found in very small quantities in Sosarian mines and are dug up by miners. These are labeled as "A Small Piece of Blackrock". This is the only type that currently spawns but very rarely.
  • Large pieces: The "Mother Lodes" yielded the most common and impure, they fetch the least reward. These are labeled as "A Large Piece of Blackrock".



Minor Artifacts

Major Artifacts


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There were 23 known locations where they spawn. Each one is marked in a red dot above. There were 5 different traders. They could either be at 5 different locations or multiple can appear at the same spawn point.