Artifacts (Virtue)

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Virtue Artifacts are artifacts that drop in the Anti-Virtue Dungeons, which are also known as the Dungeons of Sin, or the "legacy" dungeons. The Virtue Artifacts began appearing as part of the 10th Anniversary celebration. Most were connected in some way with a figure from Ultima Online / Ultima Prime (such as Jaana and Katrina), or with Virtues in general.

They are obtained by slaying monsters. Having killed enough creatures, a random item will be placed directly into your backpack with the following system message:

"For your valor in defeating the fallen creature, you have been rewarded with a special artifact."

If your pack is full the artifact will be placed in your Bank Box instead.

A hidden counter is incremented with each kill you make. The higher the counter is, the more likely you will receive an item with your next kill. Creatures with higher levels of fame increase the counter faster, though killing while hidden (as is possible with pets) will result in fewer "points" being earned. The counter resets to zero when an artifact is achieved.

Although some are technically level 11 artifacts (the highest known), they are not considered terribly valuable due to the low difficulty involved in acquiring them. It has been mentioned that some items will be removed from the list in future (to be replaced with others), but there has been no indication as to when this will happen.


10th Anniversary Sculpture.png 10th Anniversary Sculpture A Map of the Known World.png A Map of the Known World Ankh Pendant.png Ankh Pendant Dragon's End.png Dragon's End
Jaana's Staff.png Jaana's Staff Shepherd's Crook.png Katrina's Crook Lord Blackthorn's Exemplar.png Lord Blackthorn's Exemplar Sentinel's Guard.png Sentinel's Guard
Arms Of Compassion (Dyed).png Arms of Compassion Breastplate Of Justice (Dyed).png Breastplate of Justice Gauntlets Of Valor (Dyed).png Gauntlets of Valor Gorget Of Honesty (Dyed).png Gorget of Honesty
Helm Of Spirituality (Dyed).png Helm of Spirituality Legs Of Honor (Dyed).png Legs of Honor Sollerets Of Sacrifice (Dyed).png Sollerets of Sacrifice

The only part of the Virtue Armor Set that cannot be acquired as a Virtue Artifact is the Cloak of Humility (which is obtained via Gareth's Quest).