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* [[7th Anniversary Code]]
* [[7th Anniversary Code]]
{{Heritage Items}}
[[Category:Heritage Items]][[Category:House Addons]]
[[Category:Heritage Items]][[Category:House Addons]]

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Hearth of the home fire icon.jpg
Hearth Of The Home Fire.png

When Lord Blackthorn waged a dark campaign to steal control of Britannia, the citizens often stayed home at night, not daring to leave their homes. The good people of Britannia spent those cold nights huddled around the warmth of a blazing fireplace like this one.

The Hearth of the Home Fire comes as a Blessed deed for a House Addon. It was introduced as a 7th Anniversary gift, and is dedicated to UO's fifth year, September 2001 through to September 2002. You used a 7th Anniversary Code to claim them. During the 9th Anniversary, Heritage Tokens were given out which could also be used to claim one.

Double-click the deed and you will be presented with a facing selection gump. Make your choice and target the desired location. It can face either east or south and takes up two tiles. Can by dyed with Pigments of Tokuno. Like a Stone Oven, the top of the chimney will poke though the next level of your house (though unlike the Oven, it does not require open tiles above in order to be placed).

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