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Once your character or bonded pet dies, you must find a way to restore it to life. Reviving yourself significantly lowers your Fame level.

There are several paths characters can take towards resurrection:

  • A ghost may be resurrected by an NPC healer. NPC healers may be found in most towns, and in the wilderness you may find Wandering Healers. Red or Gray characters may not be resurrected by the Blue Wandering Healers, but rather the red versions of these, known as Priests of Mondain.
  • A ghost may be resurrected at a Virtue Shrine by moving next to the Shrine's Ankh and clicking Resurrect from the contextual menu on the Ankh. Red characters may only resurrect at the Shrine of Chaos; the Virtue Shrines will not resurrect them.
  • The Healing skill: A character with 80.0 or more in both Healing and Anatomy can resurrect other players using Bandages.
  • Characters who have attained a certain level in the Sacrifice Virtue may self-resurrect themselves.

Note that when resurrected, your Health, Stamina and Mana levels will be very low and you will be wearing nothing but a Death Robe. The fastest way to recover your equipment and ready yourself for further combat is by EZ Looting.

If you have just revived another player it is best to immediately follow up with additional healing and a casting of the Invisibility spell if need be. Characters who have progressed in the Compassion Virtue may grant others a higher amount of initial hit points when they resurrect them. The use of Gift of Life to resurrect a target will revive it with 50% of it's overall hitpoints.

Pets may be resurrected by

  • direct use of Bandages by a character proficient in the Veterinary skill.
  • casting Gift of Life on them shortly before their death.
  • an NPC Veterinarian at a stable. Note: 0.2 pet skill loss and small fee in gold.

Video Tutorial

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