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#The third Treasures of Tokuno period began on [[Publish 58.8‎|June 18, 2009]].
#The third Treasures of Tokuno period began on [[Publish 58.8‎|June 18, 2009]].
#The fourth Treasures of Tokuno period began on [https://uo.com/2020/03/23/publish-108-world-wide-release/ March 23, 2020.]
#The fourth Treasures of Tokuno period began on [https://uo.com/2020/03/23/publish-108-world-wide-release/ March 23, 2020.]
The end of the second event is hard to pin down. According to an [http://www.hot-guild.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=9161&p=113229&hilit=treasures#p113229 update.uo.com/fyi.html], the second event came to a close on the Napa Valley shard on October 19, 2006. However, a BNN article published on [[BNN:_Imperial_Proclamation|October 18, 2006]] stated that "<i>even though the number of monsters carrying her treasures is dwindling, urges you to continue standing vigilante. ...[M]ay you find reward in your victories</i>. Allegedly, the second event ran to the end of the month on all other production shards.
It is also alleged that from [[Publish_42#Update_5|October 7, 2006]] to the end of the month, the drop item mixture was changed; minor pigments were either the predominant or the only drops.

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Treasures of Tokuno refers to four events during which minor artifacts dropped in the backpack of characters who slew creatures located in the Tokuno Islands, except for cranes. If so desired, the minor artifacts can be turned into the NPC Ihara Soko the Imperial Minister of Trade located in the Rockuon Cultural Center of the city of Zento. It takes 10 minor artifacts to obtain a single major artifact. A full list of both the minor and major Treasures of Tokuno artifacts can be found here.


Treasures of Tokuno I

Politics internal to the Tokuno Empire led the familial Hanzagiri clan to loot the capitol city of Zento. A great fleet of ships was loaded with stolen Imperial artifacts in an attempt to unseat the Empress and her retinue. The Hanzagiri fleet was lost at sea during a phenomenal storm. For more information on the Hanzagiri clan, see BNN: Daizen's Despair.

Treasures of Tokuno II

Imperial concern over the Despise Invasion events led the Empress to issue a Decree, which alerted Britannia to the discovery of more shipwrecked artifacts. The pertinent part reads:

The Imperial Treasury shall be restored
The treasures of the Empire, lost on sunken ships after a raid upon Zento, are critical to the wealth and thus the defense of the Isles. The Imperial Minister of Trade shall continue rewarding those who seek these treasures with various artifacts and gifts of appreciation.
Let it be also known that the Empire has confirmed reports that yet more treasure from the sunken ships has since washed up on the shores of our islands. The monsters of our land appear to be attracted once more to that which rightfully belongs to the Empress, and all are urged to assist in a renewed recovery effort.

The duration of the second event was much shorter than the first.

Treasures of Tokuno III

From the depths of storm-tossed seas shrouded in an unending mist rises an event of epic proportions: the Treasures of Tokuno return!

Seek out the lost wealth of the Empire across verdant field, icy wasteland, and within the darkest recesses of dungeons most foul! This rare event yields the most extraordinary of rewards for those who dare step forward to heed the call.

Aiding the Empire of Tokuno
It is hereby declared by royal decree that the people of Britannia shall assist the Empire of Tokuno with the incursion of hostile beasts that once again have begun roaming their lands, stealing their wealth and spreading destruction.
The Treasures of Tokuno must be redeemed from these foul monsters by any means, be it blade or spell! Speak with Ihara Soko, the Imperial Minister of Trade in Zento, should you recover any lost artifacts of the Empire.
By the hand of your Sovereign and Lord, Casca

The third event introduced Leurocian's Mempo of Fortune and new coloured Pigments, while reducing the uses of all Pigments dropped (including the original Lesser) to one and removing the previously available coloured dyes (Metal and Neon).

As a bug, small samples of Blackrock would sometimes drop in a character's pack instead of an artifact (similar to how Miners are randomly awarded with it in place of special Gems).

Times & durations

Several sources report incorrect information as to when the events began and ended. One popular site reports that a single event ran only from Publish 30 through 32 [1]. It further indicates that the turn-in period has ended. Neither of those statements is accurate.

Here are the facts:

  1. The first Treasures of Tokuno period began on February 9, 2005 (the redemption period began shortly thereafter, on March 17, 2005). Treasures of Tokuno I ended on May 2, 2005.
  2. The second Treasures of Tokuno period began on Friday, September 29, 2006.
  3. The third Treasures of Tokuno period began on June 18, 2009.
  4. The fourth Treasures of Tokuno period began on March 23, 2020.


  • You could use the minor artifacts and still redeem them, with the exception of the Chest of Heirlooms. It cannot be redeemed if unlocked.
  • Some participants in the first event voiced objections to its reprise, as it reduced the market value of their stockpile of event items. In fairness, it should be noted that the first event ran for 83 days, while the second for only 21 (or possibly 33 days on some servers).

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