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The Ultima Store is an in-game feature that allows players to purchase a variety of in-game items with Sovereigns purchased from the Origin Store. Most items previously purchased from the Origin Store that could be redeemed for in-game items are now available for purchase with sovereigns from the in-game Ultima Store.

  • Before you can purchase items in-game, you first must purchase some Sovereigns from the Origin Store.
  • Expansions and Game Time codes still must be purchased through the Origin Store, as these items are applied directly to your account.
  • Your sovereign balance is stored on your account and accessible to all characters on all Shards.


Coming Soon with Publish 95

  • Improved Rock Hammer – available in November
    • 500 Charges
    • 100% Chance when used to mine up high quality granite
  • Commemorative Robe – available in November
    • Equippable hooded robe
    • Can be dyed with cloth dye tubs, tokuno dyes, and natural dyes.
  • World Tree Floor Tile House addon – available in December
    • Available in small (3×3) and large (5×5) sizes
    • Can be dyed with furniture and natural dyes.



For 100 Sovereigns you can buy:

For 500 Sovereigns you can buy:

For 400 Sovereigns you can buy:

Also For 400 Sovereigns you can buy Pigments of Tokuno Dye that has 50 uses, they are from the Neon and Metal collections.

  • Berserker Red
  • Coal
  • Deep Rose
  • Dryad Green
  • Faded Gold
  • Faded Bronze
  • Faded Coal
  • Faded Rose
  • Fire Orange
  • Invulnerability Blue
  • Luna White
  • Nox Green
  • Paragon Gold
  • Rose
  • Rum Red
  • Shadow Dancer Black
  • Storm Bronze
  • Violet Courage Purple


For 200 Sovereigns you can buy 1 of 5 randomly selected Singing Balls.


For 1000 Sovereigns you can buy:


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