UOGuide:Stygian Abyss Beta Contest

Looking for another chance to get into the highly anticipated Stygian Abyss beta? Well you have found one here! UOGuide is offering everyone a chance to win one of three beta access keys. To enter is simple, create a new establishment, event location or point of interest page on UOGuide. You will be automatically entered into the random drawing.

Entry Details

Create a new page of one of the following

  • Establishment - An article about the history of a player owned structure. For an example is Atlantic:Goodman's Rune Library. For details on how to submit an establishment see this page.
  • Event Location - An article about a special location where an event took place. There should event remnants present indicating something had happened. A screenshot should incorporate such items and a description of the event activities written. For an example see Fan Dancer Dojo - Demon House.
  • Point of Interest - An article about a location in UO which is interesting. For examples see the Meer Catacombs and Desert Outpost (East).

Each entry needs to have the following to qualify

  • At least one screenshot showing the area.
  • Shard, Facet, and Coordinate details as necessary.
  • A decent amount of writing on details, history and other tidbits about the location.

Note: A tutorial explaining every detail on how to take, edit and upload a good screenshot to UOGuide will be added soon. So if you don't know how just wait a little bit.

Drawing Details

On Monday June 22 8:00PM EST (-5 GMT), the winners will be drawn in-game using a Lucky Dealer. The drawing will be held on the Atlantic Shard Trammel Facet in Lord British's Castle Throne Room. Each entry will be added to this event announcement and numbered. For each entry the UOGuide drawer will roll 1 dice with 100 sides and assign that result to each entry in order. The 3 highest numbers will win. If multiple numbers are highest then a roll-off will be performed for all entries involved. If two entries by the same person are highest than the next highest number will be the subsequent winner.

Winners will then be contacted via their UOGuide email associated with their user account. Make sure it is up to date prior to the drawing.

Contest Details

  1. Starts from the time of this posting and ends on June 21, 2009 11:59PM EST (-5 GMT)
  2. To participate in the beta you must fully complete and submit the Stygian Abyss Beta Application. If you already have you do not need to submit again.
  3. UOGuide Staff are not allowed to enter (SysOps)
  4. A person can enter multiple times, however can only win once
  5. While normally establishments may be submitted by anyone, for the first 4 days of this contest (until Wednesday June 17, 11:59 EST [-5 GMT]), only the owner may submit their house. After which time anyone may as long as they can provide sufficient information.
  6. UOGuide reserves the right to update any and all contest rules as necessary

Entry Tracking

Here all entries will be counted and numbered. If your entry does not appear please post on this article's discussion page pointing it out. Please allow up to 24 hours for UOGuide staff to add it.

  1. Sanctuary Caves - Earedel - 87
  2. Sheep Farm - Merion - 26
  3. Skara Brae Docks - Mellif Lewis - 91
  4. Shadowlords Sanctuary - Merion - 50
  5. Chesapeake:Pax Lair Necromancer's Tower - Dragonchilde - 25
  6. Chesapeake:Bells of Pax Lair - Dragonchilde - 57
  7. Chesapeake:Pax Lair Stable house - Dragonchilde - 16
  8. Chesapeake:Luigi's Historical Pizzeria Park - Dragonchilde - 87
  9. Chesapeake:Pax Lair Mage Tower - Dragonchilde - 90
  10. Chesapeake:Pax Lair Arena - Dragonchilde - 72
  11. Chesapeake:Pax Lair - Dragonchilde - 66
  12. Blackrock area - Merion - 47
  13. Saliva's Hole - Earedel - 41


  1. Skara Brae Docks - Mellif Lewis - 91 (winner passes having won another beta contest)
  2. Chesapeake:Pax Lair Mage Tower - Dragonchilde - 90
  3. Sanctuary Caves - Earedel - 87
  4. Shadowlords Sanctuary - Merion - 50