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Though not often discussed, weight is an important variable in nearly every situation. Crafters can only carry so much raw material. Warriors can only loot so much Champ spawn gold. Archers can only lug so many arrows.

The unit of measurement for weight is a stone. Not every item has weight (e.g., spellbook, certain quest items, etc.). Some items have a weight of 1 stone regardless of content (e.g., Bulk Order Books). Like items also can have differing weights (e.g., rubble, blackrock). And sometimes, the weight math does not add up correctly (e.g., a full keg weighs 100 stones and contains 100 potions at 1 stone apiece, but an empty keg weighs 20 stones).

The base weight of a character is 14 stones regardless of race or sex.

Weight Reductions

The advent of Lower Reagent Cost reduced the amount of reagents Mages and Necromancers must carry. Lower Ammo Cost is an equivalent Item Property for archers that allows them to carry less weight. Archers received another boon in August of 2005, when the Mondain's Legacy expansion introduced the Item Property Weight Reduction for certain quivers (e.g., the Quiver of the Elements enjoys a Weight Reduction of 50%).


All containers have a weight limit of 400 stones. The weight limit of a container can be exceeded if it is locked down. At one time, locked down containers would overflow if the container exceeded 65,535 stones, but this was fixed by Publish 37. A character's strength can exceed his or her actual carrying capacity, as the main backpack appears to have an upper weight limit of 599 stones.


  • A current weight-related bug was spotted by an observant gardener. According to a December 2007 Stratics Post. When a plant is treated with Potions directly from a Potion Keg, the weight of the keg does not change; it remains at 100 stone until there is 1 potion left or you fill an Empty Bottle from the keg in question and then replace it.
  • At times, a character's base weight is 13 stones.
  • Spellbooks displayed a weight and item count until Publish 21, which was issued on November 25, 2003.

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