Dagger Isle

Dagger\Ice\Deceit Isle
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Dagger Isle is a large island located north of Verity Isle (the island Moonglow is on). It is often refereed to as Ice Island because of its snowy environs. Coordinates: 103° 59'N 164° 3'W (dungeon entrance).

The most prominent features of Dagger Isle are the dungeon Deceit and the Shrine of Honesty (see Virtue). It is also known for its large housing area, as a place for tamers to train, and where tanners collect hides.

Inhabitants are of the arctic variant: white wolves, polar bears, snow leopards, walrus, and an occasional frost troll. Additionally, wandering healers reside on the island.

It is best reached by rune and Recall, Gate Travel, or Sacred Journey spells. However, if traveling by sea, travel due north from the northern Verity coast.

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