Ophidian War

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The Ophidian War, or Ophidian Invasion, was a major event held on all shards during the months of July and August of 2006. It consisted of a series of increasing attacks and ultimate occupation, for a time, of the cities of Papua and Vesper. For details of the invasion, see the following BNN articles.

The war was started by Ricardo the Thief, when he stole a sacred egg from the Ophidians. Though stealing, or for the matter killing, Ophidians is not normally a crime, in this case it started a war so Ricardo was caught, tried in the Court of Truth, and convicted. As of early in 2008, Ricardo was still awaiting execution for his crime.

The Ophidian War featured different Ophidians than had been previously seen. They had military ranks and fought in an organized manner. Ophidian Brood Queens, Ophidian Healers and Ophidian Berserkers were introduced during this event cycle. The latter of which dropped Cursed Artifacts. Other interesting items began to spawn on Ophidian corpses during the 2006 event: Ophidian Rations, Ophidian Orders, Slippery Snake Skins, Ophidian Journals, and Ophidian weapons. It should be noted that such items continue to spawn on Ophidians. In May of 2008, a Turn-In was initiated and such items were redeemable for rewards. The Turn-In is currently underway.

In order to beat the invasion, the Ophidians had to be defeated in a specific sequence. First, a specific sequence of locations within each city, and then after that a specific sequence of cities.

On some shards, the war was never quite won on the Felucca facet, and the city of Papua in the Lost Lands is still infested by Ophidians.


  • The same twisted magic that created Ophidian Berserkers has created Daemon Berserkers.

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