Trial Account

Trial account refers to the accounts that can be played for free for a limited amount of time. A trial account can be ceated by following the steps here.


As of Publish 58, the following restrictions apply on trial accounts:


While on a trial account, players are not allowed to place, co-own or be traded a house.


While on a trial account, players cannot visit Felucca dungeons or Felucca Lost Lands.


While on a trial account, players will only receive basic ores and logs (iron, plain logs) even if they'd otherwise qualify for better types. They will not receive sand or stone when mining.


While on a trial account, players cannot use Soulstones, Soulstone Fragments, Ball of Pet Summoning, Bracelet of Binding, Bag of Sending, Commodity Deeds, Scrolls of Alacrity, Power Scrolls, Stat Scrolls and Scrolls of Transcendence. They will not receive Mondain's Legacy rewards for resource gathering, jewels, ingredients and white pearls while fishing, monster kill points, virtue points or scrolls from Champion Spawns. They will not gain Justice virtue points for killing murderers or use Valor and Justice virtues. They cannot protect or be protected by another player or join factions or faction aligned guilds. When in a guild, they will be removed from the guild if their guild joins a faction. They cannot participate in Community Collections or any repeatable quests even if they are normally repeatable. Finally, they cannot acquire BODs.

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