Mounts are a type of pet that can be ridden (by double clicking them when they're directly beside you). While riding your character can move MUCH faster and so a mount is considered essential in nearly all situations.

Unlike most other "useful" creatures, many mounts don't actually require any Animal Taming skill to control or bond with, though you'll typically still require a tamer to obtain them for you.

All mounts move at the same speed when ridden. Some morphs available via the Ninjitsu ability Animal Form allow a character to travel as though they were mounted.

You may not fish, stealth or mine while mounted. Furthermore, bolas can only be thrown while on foot.

Non-Tamer Mounts

These creatures can be owned and ridden by any character, regardless of the difficulty involved in originally obtaining them.

Name Control Slots Obtained Via Remarks
Horse 1 Low level taming or purchased from stables.
Rideable Llama 1 Low level taming.
Desert Ostard 1 Low level taming.
Forest Ostard 1 Low level taming.
Ridgeback 1 High level taming.
Savage Ridgeback 1 High level taming.
War Horse 1 Purchased using faction silver.
Swamp Dragon 1 High level taming. Can be armored to prevent up to 10% of damage dealt by monsters to the player, or 20% if the armor is exceptionally made.
Paroxysmus' Swamp Dragon 1 Statue dropped by Chief Paroxysmus. Bonds to it's owner immediately. Always armored to prevent 12% of damage dealt by monsters to the player.
Hellsteed 1 The remains of another mount raised via the Animate Dead spell. Losses health over time until dead. Cannot be healed or bonded.
Grizzled Mare 1 Statue dropped by the Monstrous Interred Grizzle. Bonds to it's owner immediately. A Hellsteed that acts more like a normal mount. It does not constantly lose health and can be healed as required.
Giant Beetle 3 Moderate level taming. Can hold 1600 stones in addition to it's body weight (in much the same way as a Pack Horse).
Fire Beetle 3 High level taming. Can be used as a forge.
Ethereal Mounts 1 Summoned via a statuette obtained as a veteran reward. The owner must have an account old enough to receive the reward in order to ride it. Once summoned the creature is instantly mounted. Reverts back into statue form whenever the owner dismounts for any reason. Loses stamina when ridden, recharges when mounted and the owner stands still.
Charger of the Fallen 1 Summoned via the Charger of the Fallen Statuette (which currently does not spawn in any way). Acts exactly the same way as an Ethereal Mount, but without the veteran account requirement.

Tamer Mounts

This selection of mounts are somewhat more powerful and most are of use in battle, but only those with the Animal Taming skill can hope to control them.

Name Control Slots Skill Required Remarks
Frenzied Ostard 1 77.1 Pack instincts allow a reasonable amount of damage in groups.
Ki-Rin 2 95.1 Only ridable by male characters. Summons insects to attack those who harm it's rider. Has magery.
Unicorn 2 95.1 Only ridable by female characters. Capable of curing it's rider. Has magery.
Lesser Hiryu 3 98.7 Hits quite hard and can Dismount targets. Can be controlled using Bushido instead of Animal Taming.
Nightmare 2 95.1 Has a Fire Breath attack along with magical abilities. Slightly inferior in combat to the (unrideable) Bake Kitsune.
Reptalon 4 101.1 Has a Fire Breath attack but little else to recommend it. Like most 4 slot creatures it can take a high level of damage.
Hiryu 4 98.7 Hits very hard and can Dismount targets.
Cu Sidhe 4 101.1 Only tamable by elves. Can only be ridden by humans if they are wearing the Pads of the Cu Sidhe. The only creature in the game with the Healing skill (which it can use on it's owner when not being ridden), it is capable of withstanding very large amounts of damage.
Dread War Horse 3 108.0 Essentially a more powerful version of the Nightmare. May prove to be a somewhat rare pet.
Fire Steed 2 106.0 Somewhat of a "trophy" pet. Despite the very high level of skill required to command one it's of little use in combat. No magical abilities, but it's pack instincts allow greater levels of damage when fighting in a group.
Bane Dragon 3 107.1 One of the creatures introduced with the event In the Shadow of Virtue - Rise of the Bane Chosen. It has a very powerful poison attack.

Unobtainable Mounts

Steeds that can no longer be found.

Name Remarks
Dark Steed
Silver Steed Can still be seen on some shards at the Moonglow Royal Zoo Collection.

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