Reflect Physical Damage

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Reflect Physical Damage is an item property commonly found on armor and shields. When a character is hit which has an item with this property equipped, a percentage of the physical damage will be reflected back on the attacker. However, the character who was hit will still receive all of the damage dealt and the attacker will resist a percentage of the reflected damage based on their physical resistance. This property ranges in intensity from 1% to 15% per item. Reflect Physical Damage is capped at 250%.

  • Bug: There is an issue where one player attacks another. If the initial attack reflects physical damage, the victim will be the one flagged for combat because reflect physical damage is applied before all other damage.


A monster hits you for 100 physical damage. But you have a 50 physical resist, so only 50 damage gets through. You're also wearing items that add to 10% Reflect Physical Damage. Thus, 5 damage is reflected back on the monster.


Here is a list of artifacts and other items which have Reflect Physical Damage along with the percentage carried.


These items are extremely limited and usual come from special events.


The following resources are required to imbue the highest intensity of Reflect Physical Damage (15%):

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