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"You can follow a good carpenter across Britannia by the trail of easels he leaves behind."

Masters of the saw, the plane and the level, carpenters spend long hours crafting some of the finest furniture and goods of Sosaria.

As your skill improves you may learn special Carpentry Recipes and create items out of special forms of Lumber. With the proper research, a Grand Master may learn the secrets of Masonry.

Tools of the Trade

  • Carpenter's tools come in all shapes and sizes. However, it is less the tool than the skill of the craftsman, and no one tool provides benefits over the others. They can be bought from a Carpenter or Tinker NPC Vendor or crafted using the Tinkering skill.
  • Lumber is a basic necessity for any item created using the Carpentry skill. It is gathered by using the Lumberjacking skill.
  • Wood comes in two varieties: Logs and Boards. Each type of wood requires a certain level of Carpentry or Lumberjacking skill to render from logs into much lighter boards.

How to Use

The Carpentry Menu.
  • Double clicking on any of the Carpenter's tools will display the Carpentry Menu.
  • To Change the type of wood to use:
  1. Click the "*Wood" button.
  2. Select the type of wood you wish to use.
  • Note: You must have the type of wood you wish to use in your bag.
  • To Create an Item:
  1. Follow the steps above to select the type of wood you wish to make the item out of.
  2. Select the Category of the item you wish to create.
  3. Press the Arrow next to the item you wish to create.
  • Note: Clicking the scroll to the right of the item will bring up the requirements for that item.
  • To Repair an Item:
  1. Click the "Repair Item" button.
  2. When the target cursor appears, select the item you wish to repair.
  • To Enhance an Item:
  1. Follow the steps above to select the type of wood you wish to enhance the item with.
  2. Click the "Enhance Item" button.
  3. When the target cursor appears, select the item you wish to enhance.


The Satyr Trick can be used to increase your gain rate.


Carpenters create items using various resources, but their standard working materials are boards harvested by Lumberjacks. Of these, there are various different types which provide different bonuses (and colours) to crafted items.

The skill levels a Carpenter requires to work with each type of board are:

Boards.png Plain: 0Boards (Oak).png Oak: 65Boards (Ash).png Ash: 75Boards (Yew).png Yew: 85
Boards (Bloodwood).png Bloodwood: 95Boards (Heartwood).png Heartwood: 95Boards (Frostwood).png Frostwood: 95

When wood is harvested, it initially comes in log form (weighing two stones instead of the single stone a board weighs). An Axe type item can be used to perform the conversion, though this is optional - raw logs work just as well for crafting as boards do, they simply weigh more.

Note that the skill levels required to harvest logs and/or convert them to boards differ from those listed here (refer to the boards page), and that for the purpose of creating boards either the Lumberjacking or Carpentry skill can be used.


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