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Ever have one of those mornings where you just couldn’t bear to put on the same tunic yet again? With skill in Tailoring, you can make clothing of all styles, colors and patterns, and show off your taste in fashion!

While many items created by Tailors are of Cloth, as your skill improves you may learn special Tailoring Recipes and create armor out of exotic forms of Leather or even Bones.

Sadly, the "dressing up" side of Ultima Online is somewhat neglected as many players simply opt to wear Robes over their armor. Nevertheless, with a bit of imagination and a Dying Tub at hand, some fairly impressive costumes can be designed.

There is a special collection of Bulk Order Deeds available for Tailors to fill out. Returning these provides specially colored cloth and other items as rewards. For the Tailor in training, this extra cloth can be used to fill yet more BODs, extending the amount of time before you need to go and collect more resources to work with - For advanced players, Power Scrolls and Runic Sewing Kits may be earnt.

Experienced Tailors can create Arcane Clothing which stores charges of magic power, allowing the wearer to cast spells without reagents.


Here's a general list of what to make, but you could start your character with 50 tailoring skill - Save some time and gold. You'll need a Sewing Kit to work with. Also keep a pair of Scissors on hand, or perhaps a Salvage Bag - These can be used to recycle many items back into usable resources.

Alternative Items to Make

For a power gaming technique to train this skill see Satyr Trick


Note that of the armor categories, items in the Leather and Cloth sections have a hidden Mage Armor property (allowing you to actively Meditate while wearing them).

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