Casca the Prosecutor

Casca was a Britannian politician, an Elf, and a key villain in the epic Warriors of Destiny event cycle. He began his Career in public life as a prosecutor, progressed to Ambassador, to member of the Ruling Council, and then finally, through a series of horrifying events, to the very Throne of Britannia, becoming the first monarch since Lord British. He was eventually revealed to be in league with the evil Shadowlords, and was slain by Dawn, who came to succeed him on the Throne.

Rise to Prominence

Casca first came to prominence through his prosecution of Ricardo the Thief. During this time he could be located by players at the Court of Truth in Yew, and interacted with through various keywords.

The article on Ricardo contains a transcript of the trial. Casca won a great victory that day, but it was in large part due to an uncaring judge, an inept defense attorney, and (mostly) some clever, complicated last-minute legal maneuvering wherein Casca dropped most of the charges against Ricardo after evidence had already been presented.

After his success with this case, Casca, an Elf, was made Ambassador to Heartwood. He eventually made it to the Ruling Council (also called the Royal Council), the governing body of the realm.

Casca and the Royal Council Massacre

The Royal Council Massacre (also see Hope for the Future was one of most important political events in the history of Britannia. The Shadowlords and the Followers of Armageddon successfully managed to wipe out the ruling body of the realm, save for Casca (who was apparently taken prisoner), and Sherry the Mouse, who temporarily disappeared.

When rescued by the players, Casca fingered the hapless, at-best-semi-competent Avery as being one of the villains. In the first real hint of what was to come, Avery was, when the players found him, dressed in rags. Casca, supposedly the prisoner, was still dressed in fine clothes.

(Also see Casca the Ambassador, for the Casca-related key words during the Royal Council Massacre investigation event.)

Casca, the King

By virtue of being the only high official left alive, Casca basically was in charge of the Britannian government, running it from behind the scenes, until January 2009 when he was named the new king of Britannia, becoming Britannia's first monarch since Lord British departed some years prior. Supposedly, Casca's actual title was "King Pro Tempere" (Temporary King), but subsequent events revealed his true plans.

Casca made Blackthorn's castle his home and working space. He stated that he was appointed by a newly-reconstituted Ruling Council, but would never say who was on the Council. Either he appointed himself, being the last surviving member of the Council, or he was appointed by a new Council that would by definition have been appointed in haste, and over the members of which he would have had considerable sway.

As King, Casca was played by the Event Moderators of each Shard, and thus his personality differed somewhat, shard-to-shard. In general, however, it can be said that Casca on all shards sought to consolidate power swiftly and completely, and to appoint a new commander of the Royal Guard as fast as possible. On at least two shards (Lake Superior and Europa), Casca at first outlawed all local governments (which are of course run by players). On Great Lakes, Casca sought to curry favor with the people by handing out cake and other treats. On Catskills he revealed himself to be a persuasive, if snaky, speaker.

Players' reactions to him can also be said to have varied, indeed they varied rather widely.

Casca's reign was doubtlessly dominated by the ongoing events of the Warriors of Destiny event cycle, including but not limited to the War of Shadows, the death of Clainin (see Cloak and Dagger), and his falsely claiming credit for ending the Shadowlord invasions (see Fire and Ice).

As Casca's reign progressed, his evil nature became more and more obvious. He had clearly been behind many of the evil events of the last few years, or at least a major player in them, and had most decidedly not been in any way seeking to end them.

On the Great Lakes, shard, for example, he was behind a series of horrible events (including but not limited to constant attacks on that shard's High Council), and instituted a series of draconian laws. (For example, the law of "Justice" called for an accused who did not plead guilty to receive a harsher sentence upon conviction; and no one was ever acquitted. The law of "Valor" made retreat form any battle punishable by death.) On most shards he appeared to be making a conscious attempt to kill Sherry the Mouse, one of the last living links to Lord British. He also made an attempt to kill the long-absent Dawn and her husband, by burning down her house in Yew.

The Fall of a Tyrant

Casca was eventually revealed to be in league with the Shadowlords. By the time this was formally revealed, it surprised no one. He vanished in terror following the defeat of the Shadowlords in the Battle of Fire Island, and the earlier defeat in Felucca of the Crimson Dragons.

Shortly after these events, he was slain by Dawn, who destroyed the gemstone to which is life had been tied. Dawn had, slightly before Casca's ultimate demise, been crowned Queen of Britannia. She is this Casca's slayer, and his successor.

Casca's Legacy

Casca will stand forever as the second Monarch of Britannia. He will also stand forever as a dictator and perverter of Virtue. His place in history is surely secure, and his brutal, terrifying reign was, thankfully, short.

Keywords During the Ricardo's Trial Event

  • Ricardo : Ahh yes. Actually I am the prosecutor for his upcoming trial.
    • prosecutor : As the trial is a ways off, we are in the process of building the case.
    • trial : Yes, It is called Britannia vs. Ricardo. We are in the process of building a case.
      • case : Gathering evidence, taking statements, screening witnesses. The usual faire.
        • evidence : Ricardo has quite a few charges levied against him, it is important to investigate them all.
        • statements : We'll be taking statements from eye witnesses, using those that support our case.
          • eye witnesses : Citizens and other beings who saw Ricardo's crime first hand.
        • screening witnesses : They are few and far between at the moment. However, I do remain confident.
          • few and far between : Either too timid, coerced not to, or wish to remain loyal to Ricardo.
            • coerced : I'm sure there are a drove of potentials out there who are too frightened to talk.
              • frightened : Muscled I would guess. Strong armed by the underworld to remain silent.
                • underworld : The criminal element that thrives beneath our society.
                • strong armed : Maybe silenced by Ricardo's henchmen.
                  • henchmen : He seems to have contacts all over. One day we will catch them all.

After searching the abandoned camp at Terathan Keep

  • knife/fork/ceramic mug : By itself, not too important.
  • shattered chains : Obviously his discarded shackles. Did you see anything else there?
  • burnt egg sac : During his escape form Terathan Keep, he made camp and burned egg sacs? How horrific!
    • escape: You should head to the fortress, and see if any clues within warrant our investigating.
      • fortress : Indeed. During his escape, it seems he also managed to provoke the Terathans into a fury.
    • horrific : No wonder the Terathans are frenzying. He cooked their eggs, maybe even ate! What a monster!
      • monster : I am not sure how to approach this evidence. Let us pursue another route.
        • route : One of his more famous heists, was against the town of Nujel'm. Perhaps you could investigate?

After searching NuJel'm

  • ornate pair of lockpicks : Did you see anything on them that might identify their former owner?
    • monogrammed with the letter R : Obviously him. That seems almost too easy. Do not disturb the scene, we will need to sweep it.
      • sweep it/scene : How would you classify this crime? What name would you give this type of crime?
        • murder : No... I would not call it murder. Not from what you described.
        • breaking and entering/burglary : Excellent. I am glad to see ignorance has not totally overtaken Sosaria.
          • Sosaria : Now for the crime that started all this recent trouble. You must be swift and stealthy.
            • swift and stealthy : Find the scene where he stole the Ophidian's relic, the Scion's Zenith. Search it thoroughly.
              • scion : An artifact, sacred to them. A centuries old secret revealed. I know not much more than that.

After searching the Ophidian fortress

  • dried blood : Ahh. We shall have to see if there is a way we can use this to identify him.
  • purple cloth : Interesting, but by itself, it means little.
  • pulley : What do you think this contraption was used for? Were there any other clues at the scene?
    • window : So he lowered the relic out of the window, by a pulley? Then he left his tools behind?
      • behind : Seems almost worthy to investigate. For such a famous rogue, he seems awfully amateur.
        • amateur : All of the clues you relayed, add up to a scene worthy of further investigation.
          • relayed : You have my deepest thanks. Hopefully we will continue our relationship over the coming months.
            • relationship : If you continue to be as helpful, I shall have to make sure you are richly rewarded!
              • rewarded : We shall see how the trial progresses. It should start as soon as we've readied our formal case.
                • formal : Again my thanks. Now I must sort through everything you have revealed.

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