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[[Image:Putrefier.JPG|frame|thumb|Putrefier]][[Image:Spleen of the putrefier.jpg|frame]]
[[Image:Putrefier.JPG|frame|thumb|Putrefier]][[Image:Spleen of the putrefier.jpg|frame]]

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Spleen of the putrefier.jpg

The Putrefier is a neon-green, named Balron. It spawns in the western-most part of the Palace of Paroxysmus. He drops "Spleen of the Putrefier", one of the 4 keys needed to fight Chief Paroxysmus.

Putrefier Statistics
Spawn Locations Palace of Paroxysmus
Fame Slayer Vulnerability Abyss Slayer
Karma Alignment Evil
First Seen Mondain's Legacy Pack Instinct
Gold Magic Items
Special Cut Up
Strength 1336 Hit Points 3858
Dexterity 369 Stamina 369
Intelligence 233 Mana 233
Barding Difficulty 160.0 Taming Difficulty
Base Damage Preferred Foods
Wrestling 117.1 Poisoning --
Tactics 118.4 Magery 119.7
Resisting Spells 158.5 Evaluating Intelligence 125
Anatomy 58.6 Meditation 54
Detecting Hidden Hiding
Parrying Healing
Necromancy Spirit Speak
Mysticism Focus
Spellweaving Discordance
Bushido Ninjitsu
Chivalry Special Abilities Level 5 poison gas attack
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 75 79 57 100 46
Damage 50% -- -- 50% --


This things is no joke -- it will rip you to pieces if you aren't careful. Its powerful melee attacks hit for about 50 damage (more unless you have 70 resists), and with plenty of magic to top that off it is probably one of the toughest of the new ML named creatures. The safest method of fighting it is to Energy Field the small entrance to where it spawns, so that it is trapped in the area, and cast energy based spells and Energy Vortexes over the wall. Archers work great firing over the wall too. It can drop a paragon treasure chest, deviously drawn treasure maps, and pretty good loot.


  • On the Asian shards, the Putrefier is known as the Green General.

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