Rift Guardian

Rift Guardian.png

Rift Guardians appeared during the Magincia Invasion finale to defend the moongate. They sat on top of Rift Pillars which could be picked up.


Rift Guardian Statistics
Spawn Locations Magincia Moongate
Fame Slayer Vulnerability
Karma Alignment Evil
First Seen Magincia Invasion Pack Instinct None
Gold None Magic Items None
Special Blackrock Cut Up None
Strength 500 Hit Points  ???
Dexterity 1,000 Stamina 1,000
Intelligence 5,000 Mana 5,000
Barding Difficulty 160 Taming Difficulty N/A
Base Damage 17 - 21 Preferred Foods None
Wrestling 120 Poisoning None
Tactics 120 Magery 120
Resisting Spells 150 Evaluating Intelligence 120
Anatomy 0 Meditation 120
Detecting Hidden Hiding
Parrying Healing
Necromancy Spirit Speak
Mysticism Focus
Spellweaving Discordance
Bushido Ninjitsu
Chivalry Special Abilities
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 30 30 30 30 30
Damage 20 20 20 20 20

Special Attacks

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